D18 Vision & Mission

Committed to the responsibility to “Develop People”, we are closing the gap between high expectations and the provision of high-level supports. Individually and collectively, we are increasing our sphere of influence. As thought-partners, critical friends, collegial coaches, and professional advisors, we make ourselves and each other better.

Vested in the “call to duty”, participation in district initiatives and school-based professional learning series is maximizing the potential of every school to increase favorable outcomes for all students. We are experiencing greater instructional coherence within and across schools. Students are engaged in learning at higher levels. Synergy and urgency fuel collaborations in service of children.

There is nothing more important to the upward mobility of family and to the quality of life within a community than the safety and education of its children and youth. It is my privilege to serve the families and communities of East Flatbush and Canarsie.

We strive to maximize students’ potential, innate talents, and personal growth to give rise to success in school, work, and beyond. We ensure that each student has access to relevant, rigorous, and respectful educational experiences in every classroom and in all schools.

All stakeholders are collectively accountable and responsible for providing appropriate supports and resources to ensure success.

All stakeholders are committed to cultivating resilient school communities that challenge learners intellectually and personally, so that they will be prepared to overcome any obstacle.

All stakeholders value and develop habits of mind that promote respect for all.

Meet the District 18 Team

Celeste Douglas, Community Superintendent
Kwanisha Young, Superintendent Administrative Assistant
Daveida Daniel, Director of District Development
Martin Williams, Ed., Field Support Liaison

Rochel Brown, Teacher Development & Evaluation Coach
Rose Carter,
Family Support Coordinator
Serge Alexandre, Family Leadership Coordinator